Becoming a translator/interpreter

Here you can find information about the profile of our professions and about paths to take to get training. If you have any questions about everyday work issues or professional development, our Administrative Office and Executive Committee are happy to help.

This presentation about translators and interpreters offers information about the job description and training (available in German only).

Places offering professional training in translation/interpreting in Germany

We have compiled a list of places that provide professional training for translators and interpreters.

List of schools (available in German only)

Due to the reform in higher education in Europe (the Bologna process), the courses of study at the places of training indicated are subject to major changes. Some of the courses of study offered are programmes of further professional training, e.g. at Master’s degree level, aimed at individuals who already have experience in professional life.

If you require more information on the study courses offered, please contact the places of professional training listed.

Translating and interpreting as professional areas of activity

The information booklet “Berufsfelder Übersetzen und Dolmetschen” has been prepared by Transforum, a body of professionals in which lecturers as well as translators and interpreters exchange thoughts and ideas on a regular basis. The booklet has been produced for those wishing to take up one of the professions introduced as well as for those wishing to find out what the translating and interpreting professions are all about. You can download the booklet directly from the Transforum website.

What is Transforum?

Transforum is a meeting point for the exchange of opinions among representatives of both the teaching and professional practice of translation. Its aim is to promote the flow of information in both directions, connecting practice and teaching, so as to optimise the quality of translation and interpreting services.