After you have completed your training (info here), embarking on your career raises a lot of questions. What about taxes? How do I get translation jobs? Where can I apply for grants for setting up my new business? What wording do I use for my contracts? How do I issue invoices for clients abroad? ADÜ Nord has answers to many questions regarding career entry and self-employment. We are happy to pass them on to newcomers, in publications (Green Light), in working groups (Regular Newcomers’ Gathering) and at information events held at schools and higher-education institutions.

In this context, it is not essential that you are a member of our association – but it certainly doesn’t do you any harm either. Membership of a professional association entails a lot of advantages. Firstly, it is a mark of quality – in your dealings with clients, it emphasises your standing as a qualified professional; secondly, it rapidly opens up a network for you, with friendly and qualified colleagues that you can contact if you wish or need to. So it’s really worth it.

What does ADÜ Nord offer to new entrants to the profession?

A good overview and information on what is available for those entering our profession is offered by the ADÜ Nord Journal (Infoblatt) 05/2014 (available in German language only).