The Taskforce on Distance Interpreting was created to be a focal point within AIIC for issues related to all forms of distance interpreting.

After the publication of AIIC’s Position Paper on Distance Interpreting in March 2018 and the Survey on Distance Interpreting conducted by the TFDI and the Research Committee, ExCo entrusted the TFDI with the compilation of more specific Guidelines for Distance Interpreting in September 2018.

The document contains AIIC’s minimum standards and best practice recommendations applicable to working conditions for video remote conference interpreting in simultaneous mode. It provides guidance when working in situations where the interpreter is not co-located with both speakers and audience. These guidelines are primarily drafted for conference interpreters, but may also be useful to recruiters of interpreting services, event and conference organizers, consultant interpreters, as well as developers and providers of technical equipment for DI. 

The document also covers working conditions for sign language interpreting. 

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide a starting point for a collaborative process, bringing together both membership and relevant stakeholders outside the Association, and will put AIIC in a position to accompany the development of Distance Interpreting on the world markets by formulating up-to-date requirements and recommendations for the delivery of conference interpreting services in remote.

A pdf version of this document is available for download