270 multilingual entries related to the current pandemic are now available in IATE, the European Union terminology database. With 8 million terms in the 24 official languages, IATE is the terminology reference not only for language professionals, but also for national experts, policy advisers, public administrations, academics and private sector companies.

Over the past few weeks, terminologists from the different translation services of the EU institutions have redoubled their efforts to enrich the interinstitutional terminology database IATE with COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 related concepts.

Currently, 270 entries, with 9 020 terms in 24 EU languages, have been compiled on the pandemic (data as of 29/04/2020). The leading entry is, as would be expected, ‘COVID-19’, and it can be found at this address.

To enable IATE users to access these 270 entries in one go, an Excel spreadsheet listing all the terms has been produced (see below). The URLs in the second column point to the relevant multilingual entry in the IATE database, some of which are still being updated by terminologists. Users can search in IATE by ID or term, or click directly on the entry link to have a detailed view of a specific concept with all the available metadata (definitions, notes, contexts, etc.).

IATE users now benefit from coverage of the topic in their own languages, and this will continue to grow and develop in parallel with requirements. Users have access to accurate and harmonised multilingual content, which will assist them in their work, often completed under very tight deadlines. The database receives an average of 45 million queries per year, which clearly demonstrates its role as a very popular and useful tool for many people.

In these difficult times, everyone is doing their best, within their remit, to deal with the coronavirus crisis. EU terminologists therefore hope that IATE users will find this new collection of terms useful.