Mintel is a global market intelligence company, headquartered in London, UK. Mintel works with the world’s most renowned consumer packaged goods companies, suppliers and academic institutions. Building on its success, Mintel is looking for an English-German Translator to join its growing Digital Publishing team.

This opportunity will offer you the chance to develop your expertise as a linguist, specialising in translation with advanced technological skills, as well as building knowledge on market trends and consumer behaviour. 

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Translating Mintel content from English to German in TMS (Translation Management System) and CMS (Content Management System) environments, ensuring that the target text is of maximal fluency and free of errors, literal translations and cumbersome expressions so the German content is readily comprehensible to all readers
  • Proofreading, editing, revising and finalising translated content of various file types (e.g. Word, JSON) to ensure consistent formatting (e.g. font and structure), language accuracy and fluency(e.g. spelling, grammar, punctuation, industry-specific terminology)
  • Reviewing and validating freelancers’ translation
  • Collaborating with the Localisation project coordinator to provide feedback to freelancers for continuous quality improvement
  • Post editing machine translation for accuracy, clarity, flow, and local resonance
  • Providing timely project updates via 
  • Ensuring that all content across Mintel German pages are consistent and in line with the Mintel Style Guide
  • Preparing, managing and maintaining German language resources (including Termbase, Style Guides, Translation Memories) up to quality standards and up to date
  • Collaborating with other translators and localisation specialists to resolve questions on terminology, language and TMS matters
  • Liaising effectively with analysts in different offices and time zones to discuss any unclear points
  • Working as part of the team to ensure all departmental deadlines are met
  • Participating in the development of new working processes


  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Translation or relevant subjects


  • Native proficiency in German and near-native proficiency in English, with excellent ability to write in German and English fluently and idiomatically