Many thanks to the 1,419 language professionals from 36 European countries and 13 other countries who took the time to respond to FIT Europe’s Take 2 survey that looked at how the continuing COVID-19 crisis is impacting freelance translators and interpreters around Europe or working with the European market.

The Take 2 survey took a snapshot of how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting the business of freelance translators and interpreters in the week from 17 to 24 April. The Take 1 survey presented a snapshot for the week ended 3 April.  In that initial survey 57.9% of respondents reported they had seen their business drop dramatically and 46.% said business was slow.

FIT Europe partners with EUATC, ELIA, GALA and LINDWeb every year to study trends in the language profession in Europe. Read the results here: